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  • 2018 Calendar

    Hi All, I’ve been getting some comments recently asking for 2018 Calendars. Here’s the Abstract Calendar for 2018! I’m planning to add more later but I figured it would be best to get this one out now. Abstract Calendar 2018 I also made a version thats September 2017 – December 2018 just in case thats […]

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  • Bridal Shower Fun

    My sister is getting married next month! Since it’s getting closer, I wanted to plan a super fun bridal shower. I had a vision of something rustic and girly and I think we nailed it. The venue, Metro North in Princeton, NJ, is absolutely beautiful. (and the food is great too!) It has a great […]

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  • April Photos

    First off, sorry it’s been a little quiet here. I’ve been getting some etsy orders that have kept me busy. Between taking care of Dylan and not putting too much stress on me, the blog has taken a backseat. When I get a chance, there will be some fun new stuff – I have a […]

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  • Tote-ally Awesome

    I wanted to share a how to for a handbag. After all of my years as a handbag designer, I figured some of those skills should spill into the blog. So the first bag I wanted to tackle, is the easiest one. Not only is the construction easy, I feel like a tote is always […]

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  • Felt Name Book

    I think I’ve been pretty vocal about my love of felt, but if I haven’t….I LOVE FELT. It is so great to work with for kids stuff – its easy to cut, I don’t have to do extra work turning the edges (BIG plus here!!!) and it looks great. So my latest felt project was […]

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  • Initial Necklace

    I have been searching for a cute and inexpensive initial necklace but haven’t found much. I tend to fall in love with things¬†that are insanely expensive and then things I can actually afford never seem to measure up. This usually ends with me making something. Obviously I can’t make fine jewelry, but instead I can […]

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  • Wonderful One

    It’s a late post today because….Dylan is officially a year old!! While we are waiting until Saturday to have his big party, we wanted to make today¬†special too. The day started with a shower of balloons in his crib! He was very confused by them at first and took a little while to warm up […]

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  • In Like a Lion…

    I have been mentally preparing for this month for awhile now, but it is still hitting me. Last March, my life changed in so many ways. Some amazing (I have an awesome baby) and some terrible (my body fell apart and I was forced to stop working). I like to describe it as a rainbow […]