Monster Pouch

Happy Friday everyone! Today I wanted to share a fun DIY project that is great to have around and would also make a great gift! My plan with DIYs like this is to make a few extra and post them up on etsy for people that like the project but might not be in the mood to make one. I’m hoping to have these guys up there after the weekend!

Here’s the patterns: monster pouch patterns

So a little backstory on me. I was a handbag designer and have been sewing since high school. I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology and studied Accessory Design where I learned to make bags, shoes, belts, and other accessories. While I was at school, I wanted to make a cool pouch for all of my pencils and tools. Thus the monster pouch was born! Today I’m going to share that project with you. It’s a fun and silly pouch that can be used to hold anything. I still use the one from college but wanted to make one to use in my diaper bag too.


For these pouches, I used leather. I used a lot of leather in school and still had a lot of pieces left. My original pouch was a vinyl material and is easy to wipe clean. I don’t line these since they aren’t anything fancy and with the leather, you get a nice suede texture on the inside. I always pick a pop color zipper just to have more fun with it. For the eyes, I used white and black. After cutting out the patterns, I used double stick Scotch tape to keep the double-layered ears together. (the double layer just makes them stronger)

cut outs

I also used the double stick tape to keep the eyes in place before sewing them. The eyes were the first thing I sewed down, followed by the zipper. Once the eyes and zipper are in place, you can start layering the pieces to sew the front and back together. Be sure to open the zipper mouth a little, this will give you a way to turn it right side out after sewing.
open mouth


If you are using leather, you really shouldn’t pin the pieces together because it will pierce the material. To keep the pieces together for sewing, it’s best to use binder clips. Then you can just sew the front and back together. After it’s together, you should snip the corners so it doesn’t get too dense at the corners. Pull it right side out through the mouth and use a pencil to push the corners out. Then you’re done! Its a great, easy craft that is perfect for holding all of your odds and ends!


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  1. Robin says: Reply

    The monster pouch you gave me years ago is one of my favorite things!

  2. Geraldine fox says: Reply

    What a great idea! I love that they are in leather too, makes them extra fancy! Will be trying this DIY project soon.

  3. Robin says: Reply

    one of my prized possessions!

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