8 Months!

Dylan is 8 months old today!! This little beast must be 20lbs by now and is the happiest baby ever. He sits up on his own, mostly, and is currently trying to figure out how to crawl. Lately he’s started moving but ends up going backwards instead, which makes him so frustrated. I know in no time, he will be mobile and I am absolutely terrified about it! He moves non stop as it is, kicking and rolling – how am I going to keep track of him when he starts crawling!?


Every month I have been putting together little slideshows using the PartyParty app from A Beautiful Mess. It was way too hard to pick one picture each month and I thought the slideshows were way more fun to share.


This month, I made him a turkey onesie that he will also be wearing on Thanksgiving. Last Thanksgiving, we told our families that we were expecting a baby. I made an image that said a little turkey is in this oven and held the ipad up to my stomach. It was a fun, easy way to incorporate the holiday into the announcement. So! This year I thought it would be fitting to dress Dylan in something with a turkey on it! Here’s a picture from last year –

2014 announcement

If you’re expecting and looking for a easy way to announce this Thanksgiving, I made a downloadable image similar to the one I used:

Little Turkey in this Oven

And if you have a little one and want to make a turkey onesie too, I made a pattern for the one I made! Enjoy!

Turkey Onesie Pattern


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  1. Nora says: Reply

    😘 he is getting so big, hard to believe he was so tiny. Adorable!

  2. Brandon says: Reply

    Wow, he got so big since I saw him! Happy birthday, Dylan!!!

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