DIY Gifts: Succulents

Happy Friday! Since the holidays are officially near, every Friday I’m going to share a fun project that would be perfect for gift giving. I always enjoy making gifts instead of buying them, but it can be tough when you need to make a lot. When I was working in an office, you had so many people you wanted to give gifts and the best way for me to cover everyone was to make something easy and cute. These little plants are a great way to make gifts for a bunch of people at once – the process is pretty quick!

succulent all


  • Succulents: For this post, I just picked some up at Home Depot, but if you need a good amount at once with a decent variety, I highly recommend San Pedro Cactus on Etsy.
  • Glasses: I’ve used Small Mason Jars, but the ones I’m showing here use these bowls Glass Ball Vase from Save-on-Crafts
  • Soil: I’ve found that potting soil works best for me with the succulents.
  • Sea Glass or Rocks: The bottom layer below the soil helps aerate the soil. I decided to use a Sea Glass to add a nice frosted layer. But you can also use pebbles. Here’s a link to the sea glass Sea Glass from Save-on-Crafts
  • Tags: I made a little tag to stick in the soil with some basic care instructions. You can download the artwork for the tags here: Succulent Tags I used bamboo skewers that I snapped in half and taped the tag to the top.



  1. Put Sea Glass or Rocks in the bottom, filling the glass about an inch high.
  2. Put soil in the glass – about an inch high – and poke a hole in the dirt where the succulent will go.
  3. Place the succulent in the hole and add more dirt around it – patting down the dirt to keep it in place.
  4. Tape the tags to the skewers and place in the soil

They are a great low maintenance plant that is great to have around. Recipients will love to watch them grow!



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  1. Amy says: Reply

    What a cute idea! I will definitely be doing this for gifts this year!!

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