Fisher Price Piano Gym

Every Monday I plan to share something mommy based. Last week it was the Turkey onesie and Dylan’s 8 month slideshow. This week I wanted to share a review about a product we LOVE. When I was putting together my registry, it was extremely overwhelming! I really had no idea what I needed and ended up doing a ton of research. So once in awhile I plan on sharing a review on something that we have loved for those that are trying to figure out what they need.

Today, I’m covering the Fisher Price Piano Gym. It was recommended to me from a friend and I have since recommended it to anyone who will listen. Dylan has been playing on this since he was maybe 4 months old and he still loves it now at 8 months. And it’s a transitional toy so we still have more ways to use it down the line. I have so much love for products that last awhile in baby-time.

piano gym

It also helps that this boy loves to kick! He has always been a mover, even when he was in my belly! I would be getting kicked constantly and since hes arrived, he hasn’t slowed down one bit. (which is why I am so terrified for when he is finally mobile!) He absolutely loved  kicking the piano and hearing the music play. When he finally started reaching for things, the toys hanging on the gym were the perfect height for him to have a few different levels to reach for. Now, since he rolls, he rolls himself over and still kicks the keys.

The next stage for the piano is to turn and he able to be played while sitting – in a position like a regular adult piano. I think he will like that too, but honestly he just loves kicking so much I think the current position will hold his attention longer. The last stage for the piano allows it to come off of the gym as a take along toy, which I know he will love years from now. The boy loves music and the songs are very catchy (they will live in my brain forever.)

So! If you are putting together a registry or looking for a great affordable gift for someone, I cannot recommend this enough! Also, mega props for how easy it is to collapse – its a relatively simple construction that would easily allow it to be tucked away.

Here’s a link for the gym: Piano Gym at Amazon



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