Animal Baby Shoes

I have a confession. I am obsessed with Dylan’s feety pajamas and it’s all because of those cute feet. Give me a cute animal face on a baby foot and I am SOLD. So I started thinking, how can I keep the cuteness all the time? Make shoes with animal faces!! And thats what I’m sharing with you today.


The ironic part is I have made shoes before…for adults. These are way cuter and way easier! I adapted the pattern from one I found on Pinterest at Thatssewnina Baby Shoe Tutorial. I cleaned it up a bit and added the animal parts. I chose to use felt because a.) I think it is adorable for animal things and b.) its super easy to work with. It makes the animal faces so much cleaner, instead of using a woven fabric where I would have to finish the edge, I can just cut and attach. Its magical. I am also currently obsessed with embroidering. I love that with a few little stitches I have an awesome looking raccoon or fox face. And I think you always get extra points for a pop lining – even if no one will see it. If you were to make these as a gift, trust me, the pop lining will always be a win.

Here are the patterns: Animal Baby Shoes Patterns




  1. Once you have all of the patterns cut out, start sewing the ears together. Sew around the two sides that stick out of the shoe and then clip the corner so it doesnt get bulky when you turn it right side out. I also snipped the fabric along the stitch lines so that it easily was turned right side out.
  2. Now its time to work on the face. For the raccoon I did the embroidery first and then attached it to the upper. For the fox, I embroidered the top piece to the upper and then embroidered the nose and eyes. On the lining upper, sew the rectangle patch with slits about 3/8″ down.
  3. Sew the outside upper to the lining upper with the ears between the two fabrics. Turn them right side out and add a topline stitch to keep everything nice and clean.
  4. Sew the outside counter to the lining counter with the back loop in place between the fabrics. Turn them right side out and push the elastic into the seam. It’s hard to keep this in place when you go to sew the topline, but its the easiest way to get the elastic in place. So just be mindful of it when stitching the topline.
  5. Now that you have all of the components done, its time to put them together! Stack the outside sole and the lining sole. Pin down the upper, face since in and sew around the edge. Pin down the counter face side in and sew around the edge. Once these are attached, you can trim the excess fabric next to the stitch.
  6. Turn the shoe right side out. Now it’s time to finish the elastic. Slip one end of the elastic through the rectangle on the lining. Gather some of the fabric and tie it off. I tested it on Dylan’s foot before clipping the ends of the elastic. I found that it had to be a little looser than I thought and adjusted it.


These are sized for 6-12 months. I plan to size it up and make more when Dylan grows out of these – I figure then I will use a grippy fabric on the bottom to keep him from slipping.


I can’t wait to make more and maybe play with some other animals or creatures. This project took maybe two hours tops which is the kind of projects I like! I plan to make more soon and put them up on Etsy.



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  1. Kathy says: Reply

    I want to buy these 😃

  2. Jessica Carr says: Reply

    I absolutely love these! Such a wonderful idea and adorable for such little feet!

  3. Robin says: Reply

    Adorable Kim, but not just for babies, I want a pair too!

    1. Kim says: Reply

      I agree! I’ve been thinking about making a pair for myself 🙂

  4. Janine Brys says: Reply

    Can you make them in a size10.5?

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