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Since Christmas is over, I can share the gifts we gave this year! Last year, we did a huge renovation on the room that would Dylan’s. Originally, it was all knotty pine (and with wood floors and doors – it felt like you were trapped inside of a tree!) So down came the knotty pine and we saved as much of it as we could. The wood was still in great condition and we wanted to do as much with as we could.


Our new dining room table and benches were made from it and with some of the leftovers, Rob had a great idea to make something with it to give to everyone for Christmas. They would have a piece of Dylan’s room too! We wanted to play with negative space. We bought a Silhouette Cameo, which was something we were thinking of buying anyway, to make cut the vinyl lettering. I designed the text and we used the vinyl as a mask. We prepped the wood by wiping it down with mineral spirits.



Once the lettering was applied to the wood, Rob stained it. We weren’t sure what color stain we wanted – either a Walnut or a Grey wash – so we tested each color. I also wanted to see how it would react to a thinner text vs. a thicker text. After the stain was applied, it sat for a bit and then was wiped away. When the stain dried, we pulled off the vinyl. The stain did run in some places, but we liked that it looked more handmade/rustic. It is wood after all!


We decided to go with the walnut stain and the thicker text for the gifts. We repeated the process on the bigger pieces of wood and wrapped them up to give on Christmas. They were such a hit! Everyone really loved them and loved the sentiment that it was repurposed from Dylan’s room.


For us, we wanted to make something with our last name as well as our individual names. We decided to place it right next to our front door and it looks so great there.


Silhouette Cameo from Amazon



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    These are brilliant!!

    1. Kim says: Reply

      Thanks Geraldine!

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