That time we tried Blue Apron…

We had the opportunity to try Blue Apron this week. Rob’s parents had ordered it but decided to give it to us instead and we were so thankful! We had been thinking of ordering it and it was great to try it first. The box contained the recipes and ingredients for three meals. The meals we tried were Kale Calzone, Chicken and Udon soup, and Juicy Lucy – which is a burger that is stuffed with cheddar cheese. Yea, I know. It sounds awful! 😉



With those meals, we were super excited to try them! The first one we tried was the Kale Calzone. First off, I’m going to talk about something that bothers me when recipes say prep time will be 10 minutes when I have at least 3 things to chop up. I am not a quick chopper and if I tried to chop and prep everything in 10 minutes, I would most definitely injure myself. Also, one of the prep steps was peeling garlic cloves – that alone look me 3 minutes to get all of the shell of them! It’s not my strongest skill. the end.


So once I got everything prepped, I followed the steps to make the rest of the components. I really liked that there were pictures for the instructions. Not that I needed them, I’m just a visual person and I always feel more confident when I have a general idea of what I’m trying for.


The only issue we had with this recipe was it ended up being a little overcooked – but that could always just be our oven – and it really did not affect the taste at all. It was so good! I’ve made spinach lasagna before so I figured the kale calzone was going to be similar, but with the addition of the mozzarella chunks and the delicious sauce it was so crazy good! We would definitely try this again.



The next recipe we tried was the Chicken Udon soup. I knew this one was more of a stretch for Rob, who likes simpler flavors/meals, but I figured the udon would be good for him to try. Who doesn’t like thick fluffy noodles!? The soup was easy to put together – and the prep was much simpler since all I had to chop was the chicken and cabbage. The flavor was interesting and I did enjoy it, but I don’t know that I would add this to the list of things I want to eat again. I think it was the dried lime that floated in the soup while cooking.


The serving size was 2, but we probably had enough soup for 4 bowls! I was happy to have leftovers and it makes the pricing even better when you think that each bowl cost $5. Not bad at all!


The last meal was the Juicy Lucy. I did this on purpose because I knew this would be the favorite. We are burger people, me especially. I could eat a thousand burgers and never tire of them. It’s funny too because I really don’t eat much red meat, but give me a burger and I am a meat fiend! The meal featured, in addition to the cheese stuffed burger, some frizzly onions on top as well as a garlic aioli. All things I love! It also had a side salad….which I may have omitted because I was jonesing for fries….I pretended like I was going to have the salad on the side too, but we all know that didn’t happen.


I was really nervous about the onions. I HATE frying things. My kryptonite is hot oil – it scares the crap out of me. I mean, it fights back! I think the fear is valid! But I was determined to try it. They turned out pretty good and it definitely gave me the confidence to try this on my own with another meal. The burger was amazing just as I knew it would be. I would make this a million more times.


So what’s the verdict? We really enjoyed it! Rob liked that it took the guesswork out of what to eat. We had the three meals, the end. Pick one or don’t eat. I really liked that it cut down on food waste. For the side salad, it included a single carrot – because that’s all I needed! Thats magical! I dont have a giant bag of carrots I wont eat just so I could have a side salad with one meal. I also liked that it pushed me to make things I wouldn’t have normally made – i.e. the onions. It was a great push to try new things! I loved how everything was labeled individually, it made it so easy to grab exactly what I needed for each meal and make sure I had everything I needed. We would definitely try this again!



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