Pancake Puffs

I have a new favorite kitchen toy! It makes little filled pancakes and it’s called a “Aebleskiver” pan. I’ve been using it every weekend for some pancake fun!


I spotted it at the Crate & Barrel Outlet and immediately knew I had to have it. A little back story – when I worked in midtown, there was a “seasonal culinary pop-up market” (their words, not mine) and one of the food stands they had was The Poffertjes Man. They made these itty bitty Dutch pancakes and they were absolutely delicious. They used a pan similar to this, their’s was cast iron and had smaller wells, but this was close enough for me! I ran home and wanted to try it out right away! And since this pan makes slightly bigger pancakes, I was so excited to experiment with different fillings.

Disclaimer: I used pancake mix. Because breakfast for me is about quickness not quality. Once that beast baby is down for his nap, I am running downstairs to make breakfast for myself. So this time, I used the always reliable Aunt Jemima Complete Buttermilk mix. Add water, mix, and pour!

About the fillings, my first trial was raspberry jam, which wasn’t great. When I flipped the pancakes, some of the jam escaped the pancake pod and hit the pan which, since it was hot, turned it into a sticky-chewy jam candy. Not a great addition to a pancake. My second batch, I tried chocolate chips and the end result was much better! I think going forward, I would try more solid fillings.


Now for the steps! Once the batter was mixed, I melted some butter in the microwave. Maybe 2 1/2 tbsp. When the pan was warmed up, I used a brush to butter the wells. I poured the batter into the wells, filling them about 3/4 full- leaving some space for them to puff up while cooking. I quickly grabbed some chocolate chips and dropped about 5 on the top of each pancake. Using a bamboo skewer, I pushed the chips down into the pancake until they were mostly covered in batter. This is why I say the solid fillings worked better – I was able to push them down into the batter so when they were flipped the batter fell into the pan first.


Once the top of the pancakes were bubbly and sides were starting to pull away from the pan, I grabbed two bamboo skewers and flipped the pancakes. I kept the skewers across from each other to get the best leverage. And I think this is actually more forgiving than it seems. The bottom has created, what I think, looks like a turtle shell. So this allows you to flip it pretty easily allowing the uncooked batter to run into the pan. After they are flipped, it doesn’t take much more time to cook through. Maybe 1-2 minutes. Remove from pan and serve. To make another batch, I re-butter all of the wells just to make sure none of them will stick……and because I love butter.


To serve, I liked to dip these. Something about them being tiny and adorable screamed for me to dip them. I have tried dipping them in the leftover melted butter (YUM – but of course it is yum, it’s terrible for you) and the raspberry drink mix, which was great since it isn’t a thick syrup it just added a nice raspberry flavor without being overpowering.

I’ve now been waking up in the morning thinking about what else I can stuff in those pancake pillows and my next filling is definitely going to be breakfast sausage. Pigs in a blanket is always my breakfast go to when we are out and I am so excited to try a mini version at home!

If you want to try to make some, the pan I used is also sold on Amazon! It’s totally worth it.



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