10 Months!

As of Saturday, Dylan is 10 months old! It seems so crazy that he will be turning 1 soon. Its been so amazing to see him grow from the 3lb peanut to the 20lb beast he is now. This past month he has been getting more and more interactive.


He can sit like a champ and play with all of his toys. I have a feeling he’s going to skip crawling all together – he is way more interested in standing and trying to pull himself up. He’s also been flying around the hardwood floors in the walker. It’s amazing to see how quickly he has figured out how to run around in that. A month ago he would just putter back and forth and now he flies from one end of the room to the other. Sometimes I power walk in front of him and he chases me – its like having a very tiny, giggling shadow.



He is finally starting to say Mama! I know it’s dumb to get so upset that he said Dada first….but I SPEND ALL DAY WITH HIM. And he destroyed my health – not that I’m bitter or blame him, but COME ON. Like I said, I know I’m being ridiculous but whatever. I’m so so so happy that Mama seems to have finally come into rotation.



One thing he’s been doing recently is playing with his tongue. Moving it around or sticking it out. The latest involves him sucking his tongue in so it makes a kissy sound. I’m starting to think he thinks he’s giving kisses because it sounds like my kisses. If I blow him a kiss, he starts doing his tongue sucking thing. Could he be any cuter?!


Dylan, Rocky, and I have been snowed in all weekend. Poor Rob worked all weekend long plowing snow. For this month’s photos – since Dylan is sitting and not so much into laying down like in the earlier months – I made a stuffed snowflake! I thought it was a fun way to remember his first snow storm.

Once again, this photo flip is made using the Party Party App from A Beautiful Mess.

10 months

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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