Fashion Friday – It’s All in the Details

Today is going to be a super rare two post day! Trust me, this won’t happen again. BUT I had to share some thoughts on the amazing couture shows from this week! I have been checking them all out on the Vogue Runway app. It’s been so easy to flip through them during Dylan’s naps or after he goes to sleep at night. The couture shows are always amazing, especially when you think about the amount of handcrafted work that went into everything. The Spring 2016 shows have really blown me away though! The details are insane!!!!! Here are some of my favorites:


Holy crap. Overall, I think this was my favorite show. And for me that’s saying a lot. I am not a diehard Versace fan like some people, but this show really blew me away. I loved all of the belting details as well as the laser cut out and then I go to this beauty and my jaw dropped.


First off, I am a sucker for black and white. And then to add the cut out detailing?! So amazing. How is it that it has such movement for being so geometric?!!! If it seems like I’m freaking out over this, I totally am. All of the other looks that followed continued to blow my mind. Even Donatella’s pants she had on at the end were so cool. Grommet sweatpants?! YES PLEASE.



I’ve always had a soft spot for Givenchy. They put together such inspiring collections and this one was just as amazing. I loved all of the ruching details as well as the embellishment. My favorite look was this honeycomb dress and jacket:


This. Is. Epic. Are they tiny mirrors?? Iridescent fabric? Or just a bunch of different colored pieces that they put together so strategically that it reads as iridescent?! Either way, I absolutely love it. And again – the detail! Can you believe that someone sewed all of those pieces together by hand!!? So SO so cool.

Alexandre Vauthier:

Honestly, I haven’t heard of this designer before, but I’m definitely going to follow them more closely going forward. The collection was dark and moody and very well done. My favorite look  was this sheer dress that had some really amazing details. The pleating and gathering is done so well! And the thick strapping on the dress are a very cool detail. But we need to talk about the boots. At first I thought these were just really tough looking thigh highs and they accented the collection well….but then I realized that the back was all lace up! HOW COOL IS THAT!?! The back detailing makes such a statement! I always love hidden details like this – it looks one way but when you get a different angle, it takes on a totally new look.


Maison Margiela:

Oh Margiela, how I love you. They are one of my all time favorite brands and I love that they are doing couture now. The collections always are a little left of center and have great little intricate details. This collection was nothing short of awesome. In addition to the killer clothes, they had a very Bowie inspired hair and makeup look that made me both happy and sad all at once. Check it out


Ronald van der Kemp:

Another designer I really hadn’t heard of before – but I loved this collection. I think it was different in the best ways. For a couture collection, it looked very ready to wear – which I liked! The pieces looked wearable, not just all beautiful art pieces that you know no one will ever really wear. The pieces in this collection looked normal, but the more you looked at them the more the details stood out. Let’s take a look at this leather jacket shall we?

Photography by Marijke Aerden
Photography by Marijke Aerden

First off…let’s talk about those sleeves. The fact that they zip open is so cool and so duh-of-course-they-do all at once. WHY HAVENT SLEEVES BEEN DOING THAT THE WHOLE TIME? I immediately want to buy a vintage leather jacket and modify it so the sleeves open. But then again, why would I need the sleeves to open? Do I need an almost-poncho leather jacket?! I think so. Ok moving on. The cut of the collar is such a nice detail. With the lines going all different ways, the jacket such oozes cool. And then there’s this surprise diagonal lacing on the back! Why?! BECAUSE.

This collection was more than just this jacket. The other pieces were really really awesome and I loved that they used a bright yellow in some places, but nothing beat the leather jacket for me. So thank you, Ronald van der Kemp. I will be dreaming of this magic jacket for months.

So that’s my report. Those were my absolute favorites. And I know you’re probably thinking, but what about Chanel? And I need to be honest. I never dig Chanel. I respect Chanel. And I love Karl, but the collections really never do much for me. The details are awesome, the set is always my favorite, and I respect the history of the brand, but it’s just not a winner for me.

I’m really excited to share runway coverage on the blog – it’s a piece of me from my handbag designer/fashion junkie life. Rocky and Dylan don’t want to hear me shrieking about the amazing Versace dress so I figured I would share my thoughts here. Hope thats ok 🙂

Counting down the days til NYFW!


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