Pulled Pork Buns

Happy Chinese New Year! When I was working, I had to travel to China twice a year. While I was there, I loved trying all the different foods. I was a very big fan of dim sum for breakfast, which when I got back home seems ludicrous – but at the time, it makes total sense to be eating shumai and gyoza for breakfast.

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My ultimate favorite was always the barbeque pork buns. I could eat them every day and still want more. The bun part is like nothing I’ve ever had at home – super soft and pillowy. And then you add in Barbeque Pork and I am totally sold.


On Friday, Dylan and I were watching an episode of Bubble Guppies all about Chinese New Year and I immediately started dreaming of those pork buns. I searched for a recipe and decided to try it Monday in celebration of the new year! The filling is usually a diced up pork, but I wanted to try using pulled pork instead.


To make the pork, I put it in the crock pot overnight. I added a 1/4 cup of barbeque sauce to the bottom of the crock pot, then added a 1/2 cup of water. Mix. I then laid the pork, 2 lb boneless roast, in bottom of the pot and spooned some more barbeque sauce over top of it. (Probably about 1/4 cup more) I then set it for 8 hours on low. Once it was cooked, I shredded it using two forks. I added 1/2 cup more barbeque sauce and some diced up scallions. If I were to make this again, which I plan to, I will be adding a lot more sauce to the shredded pork. Probably a cup more.




For the bun part, I searched for a recipe I could make. (Some of them used types of flour I knew I didn’t have at home.) This led me to the recipe at Just One Cookbook. This was for more of a Japanese version, but I figured I would give it a shot.



The dough took a long time to make, with the resting and rising, but it turned out pretty good. As for the filling, I really liked having the pulled pork, but I needed to add more bbq sauce to the mix. I was worried if I added too much it would effect the bun when steaming, but it definitely could have held more sauce.


While this recipe didn’t give me the big puffy pillow bun that I was dreaming of, it still filled the pork bun shaped hole in my stomach. I highly recommend trying to make some though, you won’t be disappointed!

I plan to freeze the leftovers and steaming them when I’m in the mood for a pork bun 🙂

Wishing you health and happiness in the year of the monkey!


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