Doggy Bomber Jacket

This weather here has been crazy town! One day it’s snowing and the next it’s 60 degrees. Sometimes I feel bad for Rocky – he’s a skinny little dude with short fur. I don’t want him to get too cold! So I wanted to make him a little jacket. And with my big box of leather left over from school, I wanted to make him a really cool leather jacket.


I grabbed a piece of leather that had shearling on the inside (kind of like an ugg boot). I figured this would look tough and keep him really warm. Since this is leather, the shape of it was a little wonky, but I wanted to use that the best I could. Working with the shape, I was able to create a collar and then trim it up to cover his back. I tacked the collar in place with embroidery floss.




To keep it on him, I wanted to use velcro and attach with some leather tabs. I used a basic sew on velcro, but I think down the line I might switch it to a stronger velcro. I hand stitched these on – I just figured it would be easier with the thickness of the leather, I didn’t want it to get caught up in the machine.




When I finished all of the pieces, I wanted to try it on Rocky. He wasn’t as enthused about it as I was! But after some convincing I got him off the couch and put it on him.




He didn’t mind having it on, which is always a good sign. We went outside with it on and he didn’t seem to care about it, which in my book, is a good sign! It would have been a nightmare if he got on his back and started wiggling in mud to get it off!


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