Fairy Tale Fashion

It’s been way too hard for me to keep up on the runway shows, so I’m going to celebrate fashion week with a different type of fashion friday! Last week I visited the FIT Museum to check out their latest exhibit. I haven’t been there since last year – before baby – but they really did an amazing job reworking the space they have. They used to display in a big open room with the displays stacked along the wall. It was always difficult to see detail of the pieces in the back. Also – you were never allowed to take pictures which was always such a bummer. Everything is so inspirational, it sucked that you couldn’t snap a picture to look back on later.

Now, everything is different! They put up screens to divide the space into little vignettes based on the different fairy tales. They also allowed you to take pictures!!!!!!!!!!! (I can’t contain my excitement about this!) So now I can not only tell you about the exhibit, I’m going to share a few pictures too. I highly recommend visiting the FIT museum – it’s free and they always have really well curated exhibits. And I guess I have a soft spot for them since I went to school there, but I always love seeing what they put together.

Here are some of my favorite pieces:








The pictures are a little dark, but I think they highlighted the fashion really well. Some of the pieces I’ve never heard of/seen before and others are from runway shows. I geek out seeing some of these pieces in person! Hope you enjoy the pictures and if you get a chance, you should definitely check out the show! Thank you FIT for putting these amazing exhibits together!!!


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