Bandana Bibs

Now that teething is a big part of our life….so is excessive drooling! Hooray! To help with this situation and to save some of our very adorable outfits, I made some bandana bibs!




First, I went to Joann’s and bought a ridiculous amount of adorable fabric. I chose to use a flannel fabric since it was soft and I think it will be absorbent. I backed the printed fabric with a solid flannel color. They were also having an amazing sale on flannel… i went a little nuts. I knew I wanted them to snap closed – velcro is easier BUT IT IS EVIL POST-WASH. It sticks to all of the burp clothes and some of Dylan’s terry onesies. NOT WORTH IT. Snaps are the way to go.




When I started researching how to attach the snaps, I first tried a cheapy attaching device with metal snaps. It didn’t end well for anyone involved. I destroyed the snaps. So I went back to the drawing board. After doing some more research, I found that Joann’s carries a brand called Babyville that makes a snap setter for plastic snaps. I thought these might be fun so I took the $19.99+snaps plunge! The setter is a DREAM. So much easier than the other one I tried. The snaps on the other hand…I like them, I do, but they are VERY hard to snap at first. I’m hoping that once they get some snap work, they might get easier. But in the same regard – Dylan can’t just yank it off. So win there, but a lose for my fingers trying to snap the snaps.




For the pattern, I did some Pinteresting to see what was out there. After finding the type of bib I wanted, I worked up the pattern. Click here or down below to download the pattern. Once you get the pattern made up, cut out your fabric pieces.



Once the pieces are cut, pin the front and back together with front faces inside. When pinning, I like to put two pins sticking out so I remember where to leave a space to pull it right side out. (Once you get on a roll, sometimes it’s really hard to remember that you have to stop!) After you sew around the outside, turn the bib right side out

Now that you have it right side out, you may want to iron it to press the seams down. For me, using the flannel I really didn’t have a problem keeping the seams out – they laid pretty flat. To finish the edges, I ran a zig zag stitch along the outside. This also closes up the gap left from before! I turn the edges in and pin it closed, the zig zag really helps to finish it off really nicely. Now it’s time to attach the snaps and then you’re done! I would recommend getting them close to the edge.




Getting a picture of Dylan with said bib on was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I’ve been calling him the tiny tornado lately. Since he figured out crawling, it seems to be all he thinks about. Moving from place to place and toy to toy with no thought process at all. Sorry some of these pictures are rather blurry!


I’m going to put a bunch of these on Etsy in a few days. I’m working on coming up with a little toy to go with the bibs. I’m all about a two-fer!

Here’s the pattern



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