Wonderful One

It’s a late post today because….Dylan is officially a year old!! While we are waiting until Saturday to have his big party, we wanted to make today special too. The day started with a shower of balloons in his crib!



He was very confused by them at first and took a little while to warm up to them. And then he just wanted to put them in his mouth – which is not a good mix with those little razor teeth he has! I was quick to pull them away from his mouth before he popped one. Eventually he started hitting/kicking them which almost looked like he was trying to splash them like he does with the water in the tub.




The rest of the day was filled with me running around and getting stuff for the party as well as baking some cupcakes and cookies for dinner while Dylan played with Grandma. In the afternoon, we invited our parents over to walk to the park and then have dinner. The weather was so nice! We walked to the park and played on the swings and slide – which Dylan seemed to be warming up to! He was very determined to crawl up the slide.




After an awesome dinner at our awesome and finally-put-together table, we broke out the cupcakes! Dylan dove right in! He loved squishing the icing in his hands. And Rocky loved all the crumbs Dyl dropped.




And a brief word on the cookies. I want to thank the Target gods for stocking Milk bar cookie mix. I had to restrain myself from doing something close to a touchdown dance after I put that in my basket. I LOVE THEIR COOKIES SO SO SO MUCH. If anyone is ever looking for an amazing and easy cookie mix, GO TO TARGET. And the mix was legit by the way, the cookies are amazing and big and exactly like the ones at Milk bar, a.k.a Heaven.



Ok, back to Dylan. Our little guy had an awesome day full of love. We are so excited to see what the next year brings and to keep watching him grow. He’s such an awesome little dude.



Blogwise, I know it’s been pretty quiet – I’ve been swamped/exhausted with party planning, sleep training, and chasing Dylan. I can’t wait to have a great time at the party this weekend and then have things quiet down a bit. And then I have a bunch of new ideas I want to share on here!! As well as lots of stuff I’ve been making for the party.


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