Felt Name Book

I think I’ve been pretty vocal about my love of felt, but if I haven’t….I LOVE FELT. It is so great to work with for kids stuff – its easy to cut, I don’t have to do extra work turning the edges (BIG plus here!!!) and it looks great.



So my latest felt project was a letter book spelling out Dylan’s name. Each letter has a little image with it of something that starts with the letter. D has a dino on it, etc. To put the book together, I wanted to have an accordian layout so that the whole name could be seen when pulled out.



I made a pattern for each letter which can be downloaded here. (and down below) I printed the letters I needed on cardstock (another supply I am obsessed with). I printed them with the hash marks, I cut one out of the whole piece to use as a pattern for the book pages. I cut out five pages out of felt, and then used a heavier grey felt to back the pages. (So 10 squares total)



Next I cut out of the patterns for the letters and objects. I picked a bunch of fun colors for the letters and the objects. When possible, I used a color that also started with that letter. For example, a Yellow Yo-Yo. I also added some fun textures when possible. For the yo-yo, I added a shoe lace for the string. This would also be cute for the J’s jellyfish.


Once all the pieces were cut out, I busted out my hot glue gun and tacked the pieces down to the book pages. Just a few dabs of glue to hold the pieces in place. Next I handstitched the letters and objects on using embroidery floss. Once everything was sewn down, I layered the the page and backing together.



My sewing machine can do some really awesome stitches, so I figured I would use with this to put a really nice edge on the pages. Once all the pages were sewn together, I pinned the pages together in the accordian style I want. I used the same stitch down the side to keep the pages together.



And thats it! It was a fun project and I know Dylan will enjoy it more when he starts understanding letters and how to spell his name. Currently, it’s just something he can crawl over on his way to get to me or my camera. (We are VERY clingly lately)




I added this to my etsy shop too for anyone that doesn’t want to make one but still wants one. The colors I used were a little more boy-ish, but I can also use girlier colors if you leave me a note when buying.

Here’s the patterns for the letters!

Or buy one here 🙂

Happy crafting!


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