April Photos

First off, sorry it’s been a little quiet here. I’ve been getting some etsy orders that have kept me busy. Between taking care of Dylan and not putting too much stress on me, the blog has taken a backseat. When I get a chance, there will be some fun new stuff – I have a bunch of ideas brewing!


He liked the tote I made
holding the trophy dad won at a car show
holding the trophy dad won at a car show

I want to start posting a photo update each month since Dylan is growing and changing so quickly. He is now 13 months old! This month has been all about walking. He totally has it down now – which is so scary for me. I’m so nervous about him falling and hurting something….but I guess that’s parenting.




I am so excited to get outside with him more and more now that it’s been getting warmer. Of course, this very pale boy is always covered in sunscreen and hats when he allows it. He has been in heaven playing with the water table!



reading to rocky


For his favorite indoor activity, that is hands down reading. He is obsessed with books. Whether he is just playing with them on his own or bringing them to me to read. He is so cute about it, he puts a book in my lap and then starts reaching to get in the rocker with me. We sit side by side, all snuggled in the chair, and read whatever book he brings me. I’ve been reading Green Eggs and Ham at least once a day. The version we have is a board book with little flaps to lift and he loves it. He wants to lift all of the flaps – it’s been really cool to see him to interactive with a book.




this random angry face he makes

We’re ending the month on a high note. One of my favorite events is this weekend, Ag Field Day! It is part of Cook College at Rutgers and we’ve been going to it my whole life. For the longest time I didn’t realize it wasn’t something everyone did/knew about. It has a lot to do with the farm animals and farming. We always get our plants for the garden there as well as the homemade ice cream the college students make. (IT’S THE BEST! We always stock up each year) This year I am so excited to bring Dylan and show him all of the farm animals.



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