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    I wanted to share a how to for a handbag. After all of my years as a handbag designer, I figured some of those skills should spill into the blog. So the first bag I wanted to tackle, is the easiest one. Not only is the construction easy, I feel like a tote is always […]

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  • Initial Necklace


    I have been searching for a cute and inexpensive initial necklace but haven’t found much. I tend to fall in love with thingsĀ that are insanely expensive and then things I can actually afford never seem to measure up. This usually ends with me making something. Obviously I can’t make fine jewelry, but instead I can […]

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  • Doggy Bomber Jacket


    This weather here has been crazy town! One day it’s snowing and the next it’s 60 degrees. Sometimes I feel bad for Rocky – he’s a skinny little dude with short fur. I don’t want him to get too cold! So I wanted to make him a little jacket. And with my big box of […]