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  • Snow People Gift Tags


    Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I meant to post these guys up earlier, but as usual, life got in the way. I wanted to come up with a cute/different type of gift tag and I think these guys are winners. I love that they have movement to them and it can be cute but goofy too. […]

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  • DIY Gifts: Drink Mixes

    drink mixes 4

    This week has been so crazy. I posted on Monday that Dylan was sick…and by Tuesday so was I. The rest of the week was full of doctor appointments and me trying to catch up on the sleep I wasn’t getting at night. So the blog was on hold a bit. But today I’m feeling […]

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  • DIY Gifts: Succulents

    succulent feature image

    Happy Friday! Since the holidays are officially near, every Friday I’m going to share a fun project that would be perfect for gift giving. I always enjoy making gifts instead of buying them, but it can be tough when you need to make a lot. When I was working in an office, you had so […]