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  • Tote-ally Awesome

    I wanted to share a how to for a handbag. After all of my years as a handbag designer, I figured some of those skills should spill into the blog. So the first bag I wanted to tackle, is the easiest one. Not only is the construction easy, I feel like a tote is always […]

  • Baby DIY
  • Bandana Bibs

    Now that teething is a big part of our life….so is excessive drooling! Hooray! To help with this situation and to save some of our very adorable outfits, I made some bandana bibs! First, I went to Joann’s and bought a ridiculous amount of adorable fabric. I chose to use a flannel fabric since it […]

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  • Stain Names

    Since Christmas is over, I can share the gifts we gave this year! Last year, we did a huge renovation on the room that would Dylan’s. Originally, it was all knotty pine (and with wood floors and doors – it felt like you were trapped inside of a tree!) So down came the knotty pine and […]

  • Gifts
  • Snow People Gift Tags

    Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I meant to post these guys up earlier, but as usual, life got in the way. I wanted to come up with a cute/different type of gift tag and I think these guys are winners. I love that they have movement to them and it can be cute but goofy too. […]

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  • DIY Gifts: Drink Mixes

    This week has been so crazy. I posted on Monday that Dylan was sick…and by Tuesday so was I. The rest of the week was full of doctor appointments and me trying to catch up on the sleep I wasn’t getting at night. So the blog was on hold a bit. But today I’m feeling […]

  • Baby DIY
  • Animal Baby Shoes

    I have a confession. I am obsessed with Dylan’s feety pajamas and it’s all because of those cute feet. Give me a cute animal face on a baby foot and I am SOLD. So I started thinking, how can I keep the cuteness all the time? Make shoes with animal faces!! And thats what I’m […]